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Live An Extraordinary Life  

Are you living the life you are meant to? If the answer isn't yes, you have come to the right place! Heidi Nordlund is the founder
of Namaskar Healing, LLC, and is passionate about assisting you to live your life to its full potential so you can live the life you are meant to live. 

Heal Body and Mind Through Soul Awareness

Make the path to HEALTH and HAPPINESS enjoyable with healing methods that honor and respect you for who you truly are. Heidi guides you to radiant health through healing modalities that treat the cause, not just symptoms. Through Ayurvedic consultationsYoga, Meditation and Tibetan Cranial sessions
you reach optimal health and vitality.

"Heidi came highly recommended to me by multiple sources and after my first treatment I know why. She took the time to meet me, listen to me and introduce me to the Tibetan Cranial methodology, and much, much more. Up to this point in my life (44 yrs now) I have not considered myself to be a 'spiritual' person and Heidi has introduced spirituality to me as well. I was only looking for help with my Migraines and she has offered so much more. If you allow her to work her magic on you, I doubt you'll be sorry!" Alex M. 


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